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Racehorse aftercare

Collective lifetime responsibility

In 2020, British racing's Horse Welfare Board published a five-year welfare strategy - "A life well-lived". Within this document the authors discuss "Clarification of responsibility", specifically they state: "If you buy a horse, or a share in a horse, you are its owner, and legally and morally responsible for its welfare once the trainer’s role is completed."


Have you considered sponsoring your racehorse's second career?

With your support, your racehorse could have an exciting second career as a competition horse. Many ex-racehorses compete in the exhilarating world of eventing.

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Are you happy with your aftercare arrangements?

We have strong relationships with trainers, providing a straightforward aftercare solution. If you’re a trainer who’s looking for a better way, then pick up the phone to us today.

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Private homes

Are you looking to gift your horse?

We help find the ideal home for any thoroughbred. Whether you’re struggling to cope or your circumstances have changed. We can get your thoroughbred back on track.

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Gifting Process

Gifting a horse to Racehorse Relief

Not only do we take horses straight from the racetrack, but we also take horses from private homes where for whatever reason you may not be able to keep your horse anymore. We do not judge people on their situations or change of circumstance. ​

  • Should you wish to send your horse to us for rehabilitation/retraining and rehoming we ask for a donation towards the care and training we will provide.
  • This is to cover the extensive costs of stabling and feeding the horse, the farrier and expertly schooling and retraining using our excellent high-quality facilities.
  • On average for a 12 month period, it costs around £7,500 per horse in our care. We do hope you will consider these costs when making a donation.
  • Our team of dedicated staff look after our horses to the highest of standards and we strive to take the necessary time in matching each horse to its new loanee.

Gifting Form

Please click the button below to complete our Gifting Form. This is a Google Forms link. If you have any problems please email us for assistance.

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