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Second career

At Racehorse Relief, we believe all ex-racehorses should be given the best chance of a meaningful second career


Racehorses typically retire from racing with many years ahead of them. Many go on to have a successful second career in the show ring, dressage or eventing. We like to prepare horses with this in mind and find suitable homes that will continue their education in these fields.

Happy Hackers

Not all horses go on to be competitive superstars, some due to previous injuries, age or general attitude prefer the life of a “happy hacker”. We ensure that horses more suited to this way of life find the perfect human to enjoy riding around the countryside with.

Available Horses

We have a number of horses available for rehoming. Please fill out the loan form in order to be contacted.

Loan Process

All our horses are rehomed on a permanent loan basis. Therefore, if for any reason it doesn't work out for you and one of our horses, they will always return to us. This guarantees a worry-free solution for you and a protected retirement for them.

There is a one-off fee of £1,000 and you are required to be a member of Racehorse Relief for the duration of the loan, which is currently £10 per month.  (The one-off donation is non-refundable)

We are able to rehome anywhere within the UK. However, we do recommend visiting us at least once or twice before a final decision is made. We will also need to carry out a home check either ourselves or via a Racehorse Relief representative. This is something to take into consideration if you wish to rehome with us.

Most horses have a 12 stone weight limit, although, for some of the smaller, finer ones, it may be less.

If you are under the age of 18 you will have to ask a parent or guardian to apply on your behalf.

The first thing to do if you are interested in rehoming with us is to fill out our rehoming form.
We ask that you be as open and honest as possible as this gives us the best chance of matching one of our horses to you. There is a lot to consider when matching potential loanees to horses.

Any questions do get in touch.

Loan Form

Please click the button below to complete our Loan Form. This is a Google Forms link. If you have any problems please email us for assistance.

Feed your passion

Fuel your love of horses with eventing! Feed off the passion and talent of our world-class riders.

Enjoy the thrill of competing

Follow your horse’s journey from racing to eventing, celebrating each victory along the way.

Make a difference to a racehorse

Support Racehorse Relief in their mission to give every racehorse a meaningful second career.

Get Started

If you are interested in learning more about sponsoring a Racehorse Relief event horse then please get in touch below: